Pisa Design 20 years!

Congratulations Pisa Design 20 years! Time has passed quickly and many pleasant meetings with customers can fit into the years. Thank you for finding our products and adopting them. Thank you! It will be adventure to see what we will face into future, our journey continues and we continue to make the products ans serve our customers with the same enthusiasm. We are proud of every moment when we encounter our products in everyday life, in those unknown places. The quality of our products is always good and if we across a product with problems, we fix it.

The story of Pisa Design began on September 1st in 2003. Pisa had looms in Livingroom and strong will to make own products. That`s where it started. “In the beginning, I made custom work and runners. Later, serial production grew from narrow runners to sauna and wellness products and from them progressed to tablecloth and table linen and interior products. Over time, accessories also came into the range. The product collection was combined with materials, linen and recycled material. The newest addition to the collection this year is organic cotton knitwear, the development, and possibilities of which can be explored again eyes to sparkle and go to work in the morning with enthusiasm. Whatever the day may bring and where this road leads. I have always been fascinated by product design, production development and simplifying models. I have wanted to create beautiful products that last in everyday life, products that bring joy, positive, individual products. Natural materials and surprising combinations of materials bring that fascination, the joy of searching and experimenting to production. Who remembers shower walls and hanging swings woven from industrial surplus material, in them the innovativeness of the material was combined with traditional weaving. Later video tape products became demanded and desired products, and they are wonderful, products with a story already in themselves. I recently had a customer visit my shop who thanked me for a good product, after 10 years the cosmetic bag was still in use. it felt and feels great every time I get this kind of feedback. Thank you!


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