Textile design since 2003.

Textile design since 2003 and still in Love for our work. We love to explore materials, try new things and make things as simple as possible.

Since 2003 we have designed and manufactured textiles. Last year we moved all sewing to Finland, some parts were in Finland already since beginning it has allways been, put now all is in Finland. We also started new collection line and bought machinery to make knitted fabric. We love to explore new things specialy materials. With own manufakturing we can expole more and be even faster then before with the new try outs. Knitted fabric gives different possibilities then weaving. Weaved fabric is still made in europe and handweaved fabric is made in Finland. For us, hand weaved production line,  it is something that we are proud of. Hand weaved fabric is allways special, unique product. We always want to find as simple as possible solution to make the product. Simblification, respect for traditional and still cosymodern - these could be the right words to describe our production. And our production is allways made to be good for enviroment and for people who make them and offcource made to be good for people who use them.

We love our work and we are happy to have customers who love our products , THANK YOU.

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