The Pisa Design brand store, Aito Lifestyleshop

The Pisa Design brand store, Aito Lifestyleshop, is located at Kalajoki Hiekkasärkät, right off Highway 8, in Kohtaamispaikka Loisto. Welcome to visit us and explore our products. In our store, you will also find high-quality products from similar companies. Address: Matkailutie 312, 85100 Kalajoki.

Welcome to our store, where a delightful range of our products and much more beauty awaits! Over the years, we have had the pleasure of getting to know many wonderful producers, and it is a joy to sell their high-quality products alongside our own.

As in all craftsmanship, there are occasionally seconds and Monday pieces. In our store, you will find these unique pieces, eager experiments and sometimes even small mistakes - authentic finds available.

As you step into Kohtaamispaikka Loisto, you might hear the steady sound of looms. That's our Satu, weaving her new creations on-site. Come and explore and discover genuinely special and personal products.

Welcome to make wonderful discoveries

Pisa Design Lifestyleshop Aito opening hours:

MON closed 

TUE 10-18 

WED 10-18

THU 10-18

FRI 10-18

SAT 10-16 

SUN 11-15

We typically dispatch online orders the same or the following day upon receipt. Customers in the Kalajoki area can choose pickup from the online store, and even if our store is closed, we'll provide instructions when the order is ready for pickup at Kohtaamispaikka Loisto.

You are warmly welcome!

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