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Linen runner

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Product description

Pisa Design's light brown linen bench towel, with hues infused with the natural color of linen. Measuring 45 x 145 cm, this bench towel becomes the perfect companion for your sauna moments, offering a touch of natural elegance and indulgent softness.

Crafted with care from 85% linen and 15% cotton, this bench towel combines the durability of linen with the softness of cotton. Originally designed for sauna benches, this product has captured the hearts of many customers when used as a tablecloth. All uses are equally valid. Linen has traditionally transitioned from the kitchen table to the sauna over the years.

Easy to care for and durable, the bench towel withstands machine washing at 40 degrees Celsius and ironing at 200 degrees Celsius. This ensures you can enjoy a luxurious atmosphere and hassle-free sauna maintenance.

Manufactured from thick aivina linen with a beautiful sheen on the surface, the product feels robustly thick in hand. Linen softens with each wash, and the more and longer you use the product, the softer and more fluid the surface becomes.

Get this beautiful light brown linen bench towel and bring a touch of luxury to your sauna.

Product details

Size: 45 x 145cm.
Material: 85% linen, 15% cotton.
Machine wash 40C. Ironing 200C.
We recommend light spinning so it reduces wrinkles. Straighten the runner well after washing.

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