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The Pisa Design brand store, Aito Lifestyleshop

The Pisa Design brand store, Aito Lifestyleshop

The Pisa Design brand store, Aito Lifestyleshop, is located at Kalajoki Hiekkasärkät, right off Highway 8, in Kohtaamispaikka Loisto. Welcome to visit us and explore our products. In our store, you will also find high-quality products from similar companies. Address: Matkailutie 312, 85100 Kalajoki.

This scarf is made in Kalajoki, Finland

Pisa Design Made in Finland

Textile design since 2003 and still in Love for our work. We love to explore materials, try new things and make things as simple as possible.

Pisa Design 20 years!

Pisa Design 20 years!

Congratulations Pisa Design 20 years! Time has passed quickly and many pleasant meetings with customers can fit into the years. Thank you for finding our products and adopting them. Thank you! It will be adventure to see what we will face into future, our journey continues and we continue to make the products ans serve our customers with the same enthusiasm. We are proud of every moment when we encounter our products in everyday life, in those unknown places. The quality of our products is always good and if we across a product with problems, we fix it.

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